​During this unprecedented  time of the pandemic, unrest ,and isolation, it is important for you to know that whatever your comfort level, I am available for you.

Whether you are staying home with your kiddo's as they attend virtual school, working remotely,  or at home as a teen/young adult with your family...I am accessible.  If you are feeling "out of sorts", "stuck", or "overwhelmed" it is reasonable that it has taken awhile to tend to yourself.  You have been in "survival" mode, and taking care of everyone/everything else.  Whatever was occurring before COVID, it has been exacerbated by our current climate.  I invite you to take an initial risk to contact me.  I will return your your message within 24 hours, and do my best to meet with you quickly thereafter.  I am available In Person, Virtually, or via Telephone.

Therapy can help to explore, examine, and expand our coping skills to life's stressor's. I  can provide a safe and protected environment to do just that.
I am warm, compassionate, and understanding.  There is no one size fits all in therapy.  I take the time to get to know you, to hear you, and address your hope for change.  I interact with you in your therapy, and together we customize a plan to facilitate the change you desire.  

I am experienced with those of diverse backgrounds.  Whether diversity is socio-economic, cultural, spiritual, lifestyle, disability, or trauma--I can appreciate the differences that make us unique.

I invite you to review this site and contact me at Janine.Jorgensen@icloud.com or phone (916) 784-3808 for a phone consultation.