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I offer several options through Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling.  Sometimes clients will participate in a combination of therapies, such as Individual and Family counseling.  This depends on the situation, your needs, and of course what will bring about the change you desire.

I have special interest and experience with the following:



                                                        *  CRM certified (treatments for trauma & mood)  

                                                        *  CISD certified
                                                        *  EMDR certified(treatment approach for trauma & anxiety)

Parenting/Step parenting       
Aging Parents                            

Life Transitions                                      Addiction Recovery

Women’s Health



Grief and Loss

Individual Therapy

I currently see individuals ages 14 and up.   Individual Therapy allows introspection of what is working in your life, what areas need attention, and areas that you feel stuck and hope to shift.  

Some of the benefits of participation in Individual Therapy for adults are:
• Learn to identify, express, and tolerate feelings and emotions
• Recognize negative behavior patterns and learn effective coping strategies
• Improve the ability to relate to others and develop healthier relationships
• Balance stressors in a more manageable way

For Teens:
• Develop coping strategies for young lives in transition
• Provide a neutral environment to share, explore, and

  negotiate change
   Increase awareness of emotion and learn to regulate  

• Improve communication skills with peers, family

  members, coaches, and teachers
• Gain insight of high-risk behaviors, consequences,

   and provide healthier options

Family Therapy

I subscribe to the theory that when one family member experiences a joyful event, other members may experience joy as well.  Likewise, if a stressor occurs with one family member, it usually impacts and affects other family members.  When individuals of a family understand one another better, they can learn to cope with challenging situations in a more effective way.

Family Therapy Benefits:
• Explore and identify roles within the family
• Identify behavior patterns that contribute to conflict in the family
• Identify family strengths and the ability to celebrate them
• Improve communication skills
• Develop new coping strategies to lessen reactions such as defensiveness,                    avoidance, aggression, and enabling behaviors

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